Video 28 Jul

DJ TRAUMA reel 2013


Video 14 Jul


Video 4 May

Master Glo LiFE$TYLE$HXT Crosby Sessions

Link 20 Oct Dirty Antebellum Secrets in Ivory Towers»

In “Ebony and Ivy,” Craig Steven Wilder, an M.I.T. historian, takes a broad look at the role of slavery in the growth of America’s earliest universities.

Link 14 Oct Freakonomics»

The Visible Hand

Video 29 Jun 1 note

K.A.R.M.A.S. by Goldie Glo (by Goldie Glo)

Video 28 Jun 1 note

Goldie Glo @ Wip (by Goldie Glo)

Video 19 Jun

12 O’Clock Boys-Trailer


Video 3 Jun 1 note

31/05/13 Arise Entertainmet 360, Legal Round-up (by AriseENT360)

Video 1 Jun



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